Cleaning Instruction

Since your custom wood blinds are made from real wood, care must be taken in cleaning. Washing the blind with water is NOT RECEMMENDED. Although the wood is sealed with a clear finish, water or excessive dampness may cause war page or discoloration of the slats. Dust can easily be brushed off at regular intervals using a clean, soft dust cloth or a vacuum cleaner with brush attachment.

To Dust:
Use a soft, clean clooth and tilt the slats up---dust---then turn slats down---and dust. This method reaches the top and bottom surfaces effectively. Do this when you begin to see dust accumulate on slats.

To Vacuum:
Using the brush head attachment on your vacuum, lightly go over each slat, first by tilting the slats up---vacuum---then turn slats down---vacuum. Do this when you begin to see dust accumulate on slats.

Monthly Cleaning Steps:
1. Release the blinds so that all slats are exposed.
2. Close the blinds so that the slats all face one direction.
3. Wipe with a damp rag.
4. Close the blinds in the opposite direction and wipe them again
Overall Tips:
Cloth-covered blinds should be vacuumed regularly and cleaned every two years.


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